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Thank you, For taking the time to look at my dogs, I hope you enjoy what you see,
Celebritywards has been breeding Australian Shepherds, Miniature Aussies, and Toy Aussies since 2001 , I fail in love with this breed NO
My adult dogs and my puppies are well socialized and cared for, I do not do any thing my self, My Puppies  are seen by a licensed vet as
early as 3 days old for tails and dews to be removed,  And then between 6 & 7 weeks old  they are seen again for a complete health check,
which I think is the right thing to do as a breeder,
My vet checks, patellas, ears, eyes, checks for hernias, testicles, bites and hearts, then he takes there weight and temperature,But I have
been Vaccinating and worms each puppy, Then I'm give a clean bill of health ,with vet record to give to all my puppy buyers, and will require
you do the same with your vet with in 5 days of owning my puppy.
I Have produced Blue eyed Tris in the last Several Years      ,some with  1 blue eye and some with   2 blue eyes, I do not breed to
breed, I breed to produce the best, my dogs look like aussies no matter  there size, color or the color of there eyes,
there is no genetic health problems with having blue eye tris,  THEY ARE NOT RARE, BUT DESIRED, please remember not all blue
eye tris are of quality and should not be in a show/breed home but in a pet home,  But because they have upped the prices so
high a lot of pet quality blue eye tris are being placed in breeding homes, I do not agree with this action, and is not how i place my
Blue eye tris
if interested in Barbie's, or JWows litter   call
530-693-0459 check New Release page for
Puppies For Sale on The New Release Page
 I     Live  in  Northern  California                
Our Dogs have now the Opportunity to   go into AKC/FSS through the club
MASCUSA as "  Miniature American Shepherds " click on link to read more
about it
Check OUT   Our Dogs on This Video
My Kennel Name started around the Time when a couple of celebrities Had purchased some of my
puppies, yes that is Lenny Kravits but its his Music producer who purchased a puppy but Lenny  Kravits
says they share custody lol, and yes this other man played in caddyhack and porkys movies.
My puppies are small akc Aussies not mini  American,
i breed miniature size aussies there are only a few breeders left that still breed small/mini size akc aussies, most have
transferred there small aussies over to the new breed to give them a place to show in the ring as akc aussies have a
Proffered size being 18 and over for a female and 21 to 24 for a male but there have been females down to about 16.5
in the ring and doing fine and males at about 19  in the ring as a judge will look at all the dogs being more consistent in
his ring and is why its good that there are clubs and registries out there that have given the dogs a place to show from   
13 to 18 inches tall, But there are a lot of aussies that have never been akc reg as a aussie and have joined club and
registries for many years who are mini aussies with MASCA/NAMASCUSA/ASDR/NSDR/CKC which all allow AKC/ASCA
dogs into there registries to keep the lines of our dogs strong,
I just have worked hard to keep mini / small in size only using  Australian  Shepherds bringing down there size as i prefer
my dogs 15 to 19 inches tall with a AKC pedigree and DNA done to prove mine are Aussies and i have no problem
taking any of my dogs to any of the registries to help keep consistency and type in a smaller package.